Time for Privacy check-up!

Time for Privacy check-up! Is the security for your social media accounts in good health? If you’re unsure, it’s best you do a privacy check-up! This is especially important because once the information you share online becomes publicly available, it may be difficult for you to protect or manage

11 data protection obligations

Get familiar with these 11 data protection obligations under the PDPA! With the recent changes to the PDPA, we as consumers are now enjoying more convenience and protection over our personal data. But how? With accountability at the core of it, the updated PDPA requires organisations to be responsible for personal data

The PDPC Survival Guide

When pursuing a fitter lifestyle with a spanking new gym membership, and you just want to use your business card out of convenience when registering yourself, the information on the card is used for personal purposes, and therefore it is protected by the PDPA. #PDPCSingapore #PersonalDataProtection #DataProtection

Major data breaches seem to be in season for the month of December 2018.

Major data breaches seem to be in season for the month of December 2018. Quora hit by security breach, 100 million users affected Screengrab of question-and-answer website Quora. 04 Dec 2018 10:10AM(Updated: 04 Dec 2018 10:45AM) CALIFORNIA: Question-and-answer website Quora said on Monday (Dec 3) its user data had been compromised, with about

FORTUNE.COM Marriott Data Breach Hits 500 Million Customers Worldwide

"Stay safe everyone! Change those passwords and cancel those affected credit cards." Marriott Faces Massive Data Breach of 500 Million Customer Personal Records BY ERIK SHERMAN November 30, 2018 9:18 PM GMT+8 Marriott International on Friday revealed a data breach of 500 million customer records in the Starwood reservation system, a chain that Marriott acquired in