We will provide your designated DPO/DPOs (“Data Protection Officer/s”) with all the necessary understanding of the PDPA and its obligations through our training, packed with a comprehensive overview of the PDPA as well as practical tips designed to help your DPOs quickly come up to speed.

Training objectives:

  • Your DPOs will be educated about the PDPA and the obligations imposed on your organisation
  • Your employees /staff will be aware of how to handle personal data in accordance with the PDPA
  • A basic but thorough understanding of how to be compliant with the PDPA

This training will make sure your DPO(s) or staffs has the necessary information to comply with the PDPA. To enquire about our DPO training service, click on the “Contact Us” button below now:

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We would recommend P2D for companies that are looking for value-added ways to get PDPA compliant within a short period.
Binoo Joseph • Head of Technology, Tesco Digital Ventures Pte Ltd


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Provide your designated DPO/DPOs with all the necessary understanding of the PDPA and its obligations.

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